National Flag Replacement Plans.

We are delighted to offer a nationwide flag servicing and rental agreement that extends the life of
your flags as well as your budget.
These agreements cater for multi-branched branding installations, roll-outs and change-overs, as
part of a year-to-year contract. This is ideal for multinationals, and some of our more notable clients
include Midas and Hyundai.
In a nutshell, what this offers (for example) is that nationally, for each flag pole in each store, we visit
every 12 weeks to assess them. We supply 2 new flags and 2 serviced flags per pole per year – in
total, 4 flags per pole per year.
The serviced flags are the used flags, which we return to our factory when the service crews put up
the new flags. We wash them, fix them and then reuse them to extend their life for another 3
months each.

The Benefits

  • Financial flexibility – no deposit or upfront cost, just a monthly rental fee.
  • Delivery and set-up nationwide for the duration of the contract at no additional cost.
  • Convenience – our service crews deliver, install and replace your flags and flag poles
  • Excellent value – the service will double the lifespan of your current flags.
  •  Maintenance – we take over responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of your flags and
    flag poles.
  • No risk – we have decades of experience in delighting South Africa’s largest brands.

We ensure that you keep your flags flying, while saving costs.

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